Wednesday, October 11, 2006

WFMW Christmas Boxes

It may be a little late for this tip this year but I wanted to share it anyway.
I keep "Christmas Boxes" that, I mean I keep designated boxes in an accessible area and I add items to them all year, starting as soon as I put away the current year's Christmas stuff. I also add generic baby or wedding gift ideas.
When I see neat stuff on sale or find NEW items at a yard sale or wherever, I put them in my box(es). It is amazing how fast they fill up!
My family always looks forward to my presents since they get a variety of really nice gifts and they are geared to what the recepient will use or enjoy.
I am the one who gets the biggest kick out of since by the time I start sorting them (around Thanksgiving), I am always surprised to see what I have stashed throughout the year. By doing this in November, I have time to shop for completers or extras.
I started this tradition as a single mom when money was very tight and this was the only way I could give to my Loved Ones. It is sort of like a home lay-away!
Do you realize how CLOSE Christmas is getting? Yikes!


Nettie said...

I really should do something like this!

~Nancy~ said...

Hi Nettie,
It saves so much time, money, and hassle during the holidays!
The key to making it work is to start right after Christmas when all the best sales are going on!
To get you started, if you live near a Wal Mart, go the day after Christmas and rack up on half price cologne/perfume sets! I do this all the time and it never goes bad!
Thanks for visiting!

Jerri said...

What a great idea, Nancy. I buy gifts when I travel or when I see something great, but way too often I can't find them by the time Christmas rolls around. Just having a central spot for the stuff would solve that problem.

You're one smart woman. So glad we "met."

~Nancy~ said...

Ah, thanks, Jerri!

I am so glad we met too!

My boxes are lighter this year. Baby Girl found them when she came this August and most of her goods went back to Atlanta with her. The little Scamp is SURE I will refill hers.....(which I will).

Larae said...

I love this idea.. I wish I would've started it earlier. I'm always saying I will but then by the time Christmas rolls around I see that I completely forgot about it. I think I'm still going to start right now though. Thanks for sharing! =)

~Nancy~ said...

Thanks for visiting, Larae.
It is never too early or late to start. I find that by having the boxes out, they remind me to add to them. I just have a designated spot in the guest room and only have to "hide" them if company comes. (like my daughter!)
It is amazing what treasures you can find at yard sales, flea markets, 1/2 price sales, etc. I am always looking.
Good luck and happy hunting!