Saturday, October 28, 2006

PUMPKIN HOUSE to be on the "Ellen DeGeneres" Show

Just thought I would share that an attraction located a few minutes from my home is going to be on the "Ellen DeGeneres" show this coming Monday. The crew just showed up unannounced this past week and filmed a segment to be aired the day before Halloween.

There is a Victorian home located in Kenova, W VA and each year, they carve and then display over 3500 pumpkins on the house, in the yard, on specially built walls (2 stories high!), around the trees, along the street...everywhere they can find a space. We have been the last two years and it is rather amazing to see all the work that goes into this....all for fun, no profit.

Each pumpkin is carved from a pattern drawn and collected by the man of the house. School groups, churchs, businesses, etc. all volunteer to carve. Every single pumpkin is lit with an electic bulb. I will tell you that if you wait until the day or so after Halloween as we did the first time we went, it begins to get a little smelly from the mushy pumpkins. *eww*

Last year, we went the night before Halloween and they were all still pretty fresh and he had added a lot to the display.

Anyway, if you want to see a pretty neat seasonal display, tune into the "Ellen" show Monday.
Here are a few pics I took last year:

~That's me, ordering a "Pumpkin Pop"....


PEA said...

Happy Halloween Nan!!! So glad you were able to come to my Halloween Bash! hehe Hope you had lots of fun! The last of the trick or treaters have now gone so Halloween is over for another year. I will definitely watch Ellen on how amazing to see all those pumpkins!! Never seen anything like it! Take care:-) xox

~Nancy~ said...

Thanks for visiting, Pea.
Sweetie....Ellen was THIS week (Monday) with the Pumpkin House....sorry!
Don't feel bad tho'.....I even missed it. I had ebay shipping to do and a Wal Mart run to make and set the old VCR and it did not record it for some odd reason, ("odd" probably being me and not setting it right!)
I may not get to see the house this year even though I wanted to cause he has added symphonic music with synchronized lighting. But, it is a few miles from here and I am not very familiar with the area and Feller always takes me. *sigh* Always next year!
Hope you had a great Halloween. I had several cute little beggars even though we have had rain since early afternoon. I did not get rid of all my candy but I will send lots of it back to NC after Feller's next visit and sprinkle some in my kiddo's next college care package.
Please drop by again!