Thursday, October 05, 2006

One small step for me.....

Woo Hoo!
Yay for me!

After publicly admitting my sloth yesterday, I got the ole rump in gear, gathered the courage to enter the "Belly of the Beast", a.k.a. the under-the-porch, full basement storage room....which is PACKED full! Of course, all of my fall decor was stored at the very back....where else would it be?!

Anyway, I moved out TOO many boxes of Christmas decor (you know, the last ones used so the first ones I could reach?)....I got out my autumn accents and started lugging them upstairs.

I cleaned off the front porch, placed all summer seasonal accents in plastic bags and boxes for storage in the little barn. I removed all spent flowers, took flower pots to the back, spruced up the plants still on display for now, and set out pretty lilac mums in the flower boxes. (TIP: When selecting mums, always pick lush green ones with the fewest blooms and most buds. That way, you will get to enjoy more blooms for a longer time period.)

I used the leaf blower (as best I could since it would not stay running and the feller is not here to work on it). I finally resorted to a regular broom which kills my back. But, I got all debris off the porch...funny how much collects considering it is a covered porch. I then cleaned the windows and sills and the front door with side panels. I even used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the door and it looks freshly painted! Those little eraser thingies are great!

I changed all the wicker cushions and pillows over from summer pinks to more fall-ish colors. Well, almost all of them. I never finished sewing as many as I need. (Today, I have washed the cushions in preparation for storage.)

Then, I started adding my fall decor. I love scarecrows and pumpkins and have used that as my main decor theme. I really don't do Halloween and haven't since my daughter was very young. I like pumpkins but am not crazy about the whole witch/jack o' lantern/ghosties stuff. It just feels too pagan to me.

Anyway, I am quite pleased with myself since I really need to work (ebay is a never ending, hungry monster!) but I never seem to just putter to make me happy. So, that is what I did although it was unseasonally warm for this time of year and I was stinking sweaty by the time I finished. I took a long, relaxing bath with some of Ms. Peggy's goat milk soap in my favorite scent, White Diamonds. (hiddenhavenhomestead....go visit Ms. Diva's soaps...they are divine!)

I had a good day, wore myself out, but am quite happy when I see my pretty fall porch. I took these pictures this morning since Feller wants me to send him some pics as soon as his internet is connected. He is slightly homesick......already.

Now, if I could only get the house done.....**sigh**


I do love this fall wreath with the fruit and roses that I snagged at a yard sale for one measley dollar! Love. It! (I made all of the other flower arrangements.)


Peggy said...

love your decorations! Everything looks so inviting! I put a plug in for you and your shop too. Thanks for mentioning me and my soaps!

~Nancy~ said...

I must say, your lovely fall decorations shamed me a bit...I kept thinking how sweet and seasonal your home was and I was being a slug.

Thanks for just being you!

Jeanne said...

I came across your journal through a link on Peggy's lovely site.
I love your autumn decorating.
You have a beautiful web page!
Keep up the great work.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Jerri said...

And what did you do for an encore?

Jeeeez. Just reading this made me want a nap. Just a thought here--perhaps a bit of moderation? I myself am the Queen of the Immoderate, so this is the pot calling the kettle. . . . Ya know?

anyway, it is all lovely. Love the pictures.

~Nancy~ said...

Aw, thanks!

Just a clue...I do things one of two ways.....full throttle or not at all. I am striving to find a middle ground.

Posting in my blog has become a new outlet for me as I rarely allow myself the privilege.

Thanks so much for popping over. Your blog has become one of my first stops with morning are so lovely!