Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Poke me with a sharp stick.

Ok, I am going to admit it....just like at an AA meeting:

"Hello, I am Nancy. I am lazy."

There. Out of the closet. Exposed. Revealed.

I mean it....I swear I must be the laziest female ever.

I read all these wonderful blogs (what better way to be lazy than sitting on my big padded butt, staring at a computer screen?!)

I have good intentions, I really do. I want to get my house organized and cleaned, I want to put up all the beautiful holiday "stuff" I have collected over the years. I want to see the floor again!

But, I don't do it.

I read the blogs of amazing women who actually find TIME to write imaginative, informative, entertaining essays. They DO this all the while home schooling 15 kids, baking a week's worth of homemade bread, planting a 2 acre garden and canning all of their food, volunteering at the local food pantry, writing the great American novel, sewing all their own clothes for themselves and the 15 kids, making mad passionate love to their spouses and this is all before NOON!

I am lucky to comb my hair and dress myself before noon.....and sometimes I don't.

So, what is my problem? Why can't I get some of my tasks actually DONE?

I am not depressed. Been there, done that, know the difference.

I am just damn lazy!

I don't think I am alone...I think I am just one of the painfully honest gals who will claim it.

I make my lists, I have a mental picture of the end result, I have all the tools necessary to accomplish great things.....but my house looks like a tornado ripped through it and spit it all back out in a disgusting, mangled heap.

Of course,I currently have a good excuse (previous post regarding The Flood...)
But, what do I do after the impact of that one wears off?

I think I am just overwhelemd by my cottage industry which generates a lot of clutter and is compounded by the disruptions to my schedule from several uncontrollable episodes over the last few weeks.....ill health, household emergencies, death of my beloved dog.....ya' know?

So, I am going to try REALLY hard to make some progress. Starting today. I have NO valid excuse not to. I am here alone, I do not have any demands on my time from outside sources, my only child is busy at college, my only family lives 13 hours away from me, I have no real buddy-buddy friends here, my feller is in North Carolina on a new job and I am just putzing around this big ol' house, wasting time, being lazy and enjoying the hell outta' myself.

Okay, so now that I admitted it, I am asking that anyone who might read this, hold me accountable. ASK me what I have accomplished. Of course, I will probably lie and tell you I landscaped the yard, did all of my Christmas shopping, and built a sunroom today but we will know better......

Time for a nap....all this writing wore me out.


novaks8 said...

I found you through Peggy.

I live in NC too!

Don't feel so bad. Your house looks lovely.

Come stay with me for a week and you will feel much better about yourself!


tlawwife said...

I can so relate to this post. Yep I am lazy too. Time for bed and I kick myself for doing nothing all day. Get up do the same thing.

~Nancy~ said...

Thaks for stopping by. I am really doing better since I shamed myself...I have worked every single day. Part of that is because I NEED to and I also promised Feller I would get things ship shape during the three weeks he is gone. He has been under foot since March of this year and I just can't get anything done while he is here. Am I the only female who find her man's presence distracting? Not oo-la-la distracting but "please go some where, ANY where!" distracting.
I have still got piles of "stuff" laying about but I am getting a lot of it posted to ebay this weekend so that is a GOOD thing, as Martha would say!
Visit again!

Shannon said...

Um, I'm scratching my head wondering when I wrote this post and how it was possibly posted on your blog....


I found your through Corey's "Tongue in Cheek" blog.

There are more of us "lazy" women than you will ever know :)