Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ripple Effect

Consider how much one small action, one little word, can grow a life of its own and reach out to touch so many. Positive or is our choice.

Did you smile at the grocery checker today or complain at how slow the line was? Did you nod at your mailman or meet the UPS delivery guy with a pleasant thank you or were your rushed and short and haggard and impatient? Did you let a car out ahead of you in traffic or inch forward to protect your territorial space?
For every smile you give, for every courtesy extended, for every pleasant act of graciousness - you have the chance to touch a heart or melt a coldness or cheer a lonely spirit......and every grumble has the potential to ruin another's day.

Chances are, your one small act will ripple out in an ever widening circle until it finds its way back to careful which one you choose.

(Photo was taken last fall at a little lake near our house. I probably won't get to see the leaves change there this year as Feller is gone and I cannot pull the boat with my car.)


Lisa said...

Really nice.

The post below. Thanks for the warning. But did I listen? Noooooo hehehe Cute cake.

Angie said...

WOW, what a photograph!!Would make a gorgeous art quilt!! And I do try to make sure my ripples are good ones LOL. And the Kitty Litter Cake is hysterical!! ROFL Thanks for sharing it!

~Nancy~ said...

Thanks, Angie!
I actually got several shots like this. I was sitting in the back of our little boat, taking life easy and just happened to notice how pretty the trees reflected in the lazy ripples. I think it looks like tie-dye or something.
And for the cake...isn't that a scream? I am seriously thinking about taking one home to my family for Thanksgiving....the kids would love it and my sister would probably ban me from the kitchen. Hum? There's a thought, LOL. Then I could watch football!
Thanks for stopping by!

Jerri said...

Gorgeous photo, Nancy. Thanks for sharing it and your thoughts about the ripples of our lives. SO true. And a timely reminder.

Much love to you.