Saturday, October 07, 2006

79 DAYS?!

Yes, it is 2:00 a.m. and I am still wide awake. of lonely.
No, correction......major lonely.
It has been a week since Feller left and even though I have been SO busy.....I am alone and I miss him.
And my daughter.....and my sister.
I have not seen my sister since last Christmas and that is absolutely the LONGEST I have ever gone without seeing her in my whole life. Since we have no parents, we are each other's blood family....we are all we have left.
She is my heart, my best friend, and my safe harbor.....and she is 13 hours away.*sigh*

Anyway, I was doing what I usually do when I have insomnia....reading my favorite blogs.

Thanks to Ms. Robyn, I realized that Christmas is only 79 days away! Or is it 78 or 80? I am too lazy to count them and Robyn is down is she ahead or am I behind? Hummmm?

So.....I have only just decorated for FAll and at the rate it took me to do that, I really should start putting Christmas out tomorrow and maybe will have it done by actual Christmas.

I am just a mess.......truly I am. I dont' even know where I will BE at Christmas!
Kentucky, North Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia?

I guess I could be working but my head is so fuzzy, I am afraid I would just make a mess that I would have to re-do.....

I really should just go to bed, huh? I would - but I hear boogies and tonight, they have been as wide awake as me......and cats are lousy watch dogs.

The Fierce Watch-Cat

Be afraid....very afraid


Lisa said...

Oooh he looks fierce. hehehehehe I hope you get some sleep tonight. I found you through Mrs. Peggy. I'll have to thank her.

Jerri said...

relax. rest. The kitty will guard you and God will bless you.

Jerri said...

relax. rest. The kitty will guard you and God will bless you.

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

I have come by way of Peggy and I am so glad I did. I hear you about the late night, the things that take so much time to complete....I seriously cannot wrap my brain around the thought of Christmas at this point..not until I can at least enjoy 5 minutes of fall. Your outdoor decor looks lovely btw. Nice to meet you - I know I will be back.