Saturday, October 07, 2006


Wow.......I LOVE college football!

It is so daughter is the quintessential girly-girl, blonde, cheerleader, beauty queen gal. She was captain of the cheerleading squad in high school and two of her best guy friends went to UT on full football scholarships. Her junior and senior year of high school, our team was State Champions.
(Go Mighty Fightin' Warren Lumberjacks!)
In 7 years, I don't think I missed a single high school football game....even when it was 18 degrees, sleeting, and the game was 5 hours from home!

Today, SHE called ME to remind me to switch the TV over to the Arkansas Razorback game.

She just called me again on her way to work to rehash and celebrate their victory over Auburn.....Woo Pig Sooiiee! We differ on who we want to win between Florida and LSU. Of course, since Feller is a born and raised Gator, I am pulling for FLA.

Baby Girl is still bitter over FLA's win over UT Tennessee so she wants LSU to win. She's ticked that UT is playing GA in GA today and all of her friends are going and she has to work.

It is a hoot talking football with my daughter! Gotta' love it! (Too ironic she chose to go to college where they have NO football team!)

My Feller loves that he has a football freak girlfriend. He bugged me several times by phone while the Hogs were playing. Should I now call and bug HIM while the Gators are playing? Nah....

Okay, back to work and the game and hope YOUR team is winning today too! (unless they are playing against one of mine!) ;-)

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