Saturday, February 23, 2008

A few Easter Goodies and So Long for Now

I am going to leave my heart in San least for a little while. The Feller and I are heading out pre-dawn Monday morning and flying to the Bay area for the week. The house/pet sitter is all lined up, bags packed, plans made, and I.Am.Ready!

What a long, lonely, cold winter this has been for me! To have these few days with my Sweetie will be so wonderful! We are going to walk the hills of the city, ride the famed Cable Cars (I promised him I was going to sing the Rice-A-Roni song and he can't wait) *snort*, walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, dine on Dunganess crabs at Fisherman's Wharf, explore Chinatown and have Dim Sum, wander and buy chocolates at Ghirardelli Village, shop for silver jewelry at the Silver village, be amazed at the Legion of Honor Museum (can't wait!), poke around Alcatraz, and take a ferry ride across the Bay. We have a lot planned for a week visit and it will be wonderful!

Before I go, I wanted to share some scanned antique postcards from the early 1900s to celebrate the upcoming Easter season. Please feel free to right click and save for your own use. I MAY list these on ebay, not sure. (Click to enlarge, save to your computer)

I have so many vintage cards and I have a hard time letting them go. (And yes, I will continue to post "new" vintage treasures on ebay even though the new policies make it harder to be a successful seller. I do not approach work and commitments half heartedly so I am going to keep plugging away, at least for now.)

So, until I get back, have a wonderful week. I will post some travel pics as soon as I can. I am hoping to take lots and lots of pictures if we have decent weather. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

~Happy Valentine's Day!~

Hope you have a wonderful, sweet day, filled with love and happiness.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Woo Hoo! Chik Fil A!!

Here's the deal:

At the beginning of January, I saw an online ad about signing up for a free coupon and calendar from Chik Fil A.
I wandered over there, filled out a request for myself. It was one per address so I had one sent to my daughter as well. (She attends college out of state.) She likes their chicken biscuits and I figured a few free coupons would be a nice treat for her on the way to classes. Every little bit helps.
With this promotion, they would also send you a gift card. It is like any cash card that you can reload at various places.
So, I filled out the online form, waited a while, got my calendar with a few coupons and coupons on each month. (Cute wall calendar too).
I stuck the gift card in my wallet and forgot about it. The trick to the cards is that some of them were going to be loaded with $100.00.

My daughter just called to tell me she had received her calendar as well and guess what?
Her card has $100.00 on it! Well, woo hoo - free food! Something all college kids like...

I had never checked mine but decided to call the number on the back. I expected nada, zip, ZERO.

You guessed it.....mine has a $100.00 on it too! What's the chance?

I told my girl I should have bought a Lotto ticket that day as well.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

WFMW - Incentives & Freebies

My "Works For Me Wednesday" tip includes certain personal
requirements/suggestions for online shopping.
Some are shopping specific, some are in regard to incentive programs,
which link back to shopping.
And if I have confused you, welcome to my world! ;0)

1. It HAS to be a better deal than a brick and mortar store. I always buy on sale so full price online won't do it for me.

2. It has to offer added incentives such as free shipping, future savings, rebates, or other goodies. EX: I got a new pink Motorola Razr phone for $50.00. It came with a $50.00 rebate. Phone = FREE!

3. I try to go through my "My Points" group since I earn points for using MP offers. (if you want more info, shoot me an email)

4. "My Points" adds up fast and I redeem my points for restaurant cards, gift cards, etc. So, purchases actually "pay" me in the long run. I included "My Point" gift cards in my family's Christmas cards this year. All it cost me was a few minutes a day, clicking open my emails. I have been a member for years and years and have been rewarded with 100's of dollars of rewards. Very reliable and satisfying. It's like FREE MONEY!

5. Ebay - I have been a member since 1999 and am a Power Seller. I encourage ebay since it is my livelihood and also because you can find some great bargains. Like anything else, you have to do your homework, be careful, and shop smart. There are LOTS of honest, hard working sellers who want you to get the best deal at the best price. And you can shop in your pajamas....24/7.

6. Well known sites - Amazon, Best Buy, Office Depot, Circuit City, Omaha Steaks, Nu Egg,Frys, etc.
I generally have great luck with them every time I use them. Again, look for discount codes and rebates and free shipping!

7. I avoid online clothes shopping as a rule. I am picky. I like to try my stuff on, see what my backside looks like, how the fabric feels, etc. I only buy clothing online when I see something I cannot find any where else and it's something I HAVE to have. That rarely happens. :0)

8. Freecycle - Search for a group near you and become a member.
I belong to two local groups. I am able to get rid of stuff I don't want or need and I have gotten some GREAT freebies!
I got a like-new Lexmark printer/scanner/fax machine IN THE BOX, for the cost of going to pick it up.
As with all online services, do your homework and be careful.
And Mother Earth thanks you.

Be sure to visit all the other great tips over at Shannon's.

~Date Cards - A Free Gift For You!~

I just got my March issue of Country Living.

There was an ad for Dressbarn and they had included these sweet tear-out cards that you can use for making a date with your best friends. Oh, I love that idea!

Now, if I only had a best friend here to give one too. :0(

Anyway, I tore them out, made a scan and wanted to share them with you in case you do not get the magazine. With Valentine's Day approaching, these would be so sweet to tuck inside a gift or card for your Best Pal.

(Click to enlarge)

Right click the image, save to your computer, and then print out the cards for use. You can use their colors or save it in greyscale and use your own colored papers. Fun, huh?

Enjoy and treasure your time with your best gal pal!

Just my little gift to you. :0)

Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday Eve And Huckleberry Win

I was wandering through the archives of my photo files today and found these. (poor quality, they were taken under the shade of a red tent)

I just thought it was neat on the eve of Super Tuesday.

This was right before and just after I had emceed the tomato eating contest that is held each year at the Pink Tomato Festival. I emceed it for about 10 years and they were there every year for the last few before I moved away from Arkansas.
Huck always won. Every year. I know he and Win participated in at least 4-5 of them. I should have shorted Win's last bag of tomatoes so he could win - at least once. :0(

I sure miss Win. You'd never meet a nicer man.

This is the late Win Rockefeller, me, and ol' Huck himself - pre-diet (you can see that my arm did not reach all the way around him) Gov. Mike Huckabee - we were listening to Win tell a joke.

Obviously, it was a really funny joke! ;)

This is some pre-contest smack talk going on.

This is me encouraging them to eat faster!! (that is my girl behind me - in the black sleeved tee shirt)

This is me announcing the winner (I know, really terrible pic of me)....Huck won, of course. Mrs. Huck (Janet) actually came in second. (Poor Win.) I gave Mrs. Huck one of those tomato cans decorating the table. I made all of them.

Fun memories. Makes me homesick. :0(

Sunday, February 03, 2008



Way to go, Giants!!
Defense Wins Championships!!

And The Winner Is!

I used a random number selector and
the lucky winner of my ebay store $15.00 prize is....



I appreciate all who participated and I hope you will visit me again.

Summer will be contacted and will have the opportunity to select
(live auction items excluded)
from my store,
Nancy's Cottage Treasures,
up to $15.00.




Comments have been closed and I will announce and contact the winner later this evening. THANKS to all who stopped by and left a comment. It is the most comments I have ever had! WOOT! I hope you enjoyed window shopping in my little store, Nancy's Cottage Treasures, and will visit again. As always, let me know if you are looking for something...I probably have it! Be sure to come see the NEW treasures I am posting tonight! Thanks again and good luck to you all!
Wow, I DO love Shannon's Bloggy Carnivals! I always find some of the neatest new blogs to add to my bloglines! While I am not a prolific blogger, I AM an avid fan of so many of you.

So, I wanted to play again and tried to think of something unique and different that the winner could personalize and choose to their own taste.

With that in mind, I decided to give one lucky winner, to be drawn randomly, a credit of $15.00 to be used on any fixed price item in my ebay store, Nancy's Cottage Treasures, vintage cottage treasures and goodies.

All you have to do is take a peek, tell me what item you like the most in your comment with a valid email address. One comment per person only, please.
I will contact the winner at the close of comments on or around February 2.
Once you win, I will let you look around my store and then contact me with the item(s) you want and I will close that item(s) and send it you. Basically, you get to "shop". Cool, huh?

*This does not apply to live auction items - store items only. Thanks!

*US addresses only. Sorry, but international shipping is just too high unless you want to cover the international shipping. Thanks!

Thanks for visiting and please visit again. I promise to try to offer more than I have been in the past. ;0)

Now go look, post a comment, and be sure to visit all the other generous bloggers!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Um, Disney?

These are NOT your best effort for costumes, I think.

The eyeballs......OH, the eyeballs!