Sunday, February 10, 2008

Woo Hoo! Chik Fil A!!

Here's the deal:

At the beginning of January, I saw an online ad about signing up for a free coupon and calendar from Chik Fil A.
I wandered over there, filled out a request for myself. It was one per address so I had one sent to my daughter as well. (She attends college out of state.) She likes their chicken biscuits and I figured a few free coupons would be a nice treat for her on the way to classes. Every little bit helps.
With this promotion, they would also send you a gift card. It is like any cash card that you can reload at various places.
So, I filled out the online form, waited a while, got my calendar with a few coupons and coupons on each month. (Cute wall calendar too).
I stuck the gift card in my wallet and forgot about it. The trick to the cards is that some of them were going to be loaded with $100.00.

My daughter just called to tell me she had received her calendar as well and guess what?
Her card has $100.00 on it! Well, woo hoo - free food! Something all college kids like...

I had never checked mine but decided to call the number on the back. I expected nada, zip, ZERO.

You guessed it.....mine has a $100.00 on it too! What's the chance?

I told my girl I should have bought a Lotto ticket that day as well.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

WOW!!! That is soooo cool. I love it when wonderful things happen in your daily life.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my decorating survey! It gave me a chance to come visit you!

Please stop by again soon! I usually add a new post daily.

byrumnews said...

Wow! Wish I had know they send you a gift card...I would have signed up. Thanks for your comments about skybus. I like them too. I have found that there are certain flights that never start at the $10 prices. I watched daily for the calendar to flip over into the summer months. And in less than 10 hrs. the prices had jumped from the starting price of $75(ish) to $100-120. I have never seen the price for the Greensboro-Los Angeles trip for less then the 70ish prices. I think on some flights they don't do the $10 rate, which is kind of disapointing. But overall I think the pricing is awesome.