Saturday, January 07, 2006

Where do you blog?

I got this idea from Peggy at Hidden Haven who got it from Toni at simple sparrow....
where do you blog?
Well, I blog...or read them mostly....from the smallest room in this cavernous five bedroom home we have. My tiny little office is crammed full of my heart of loved ones, art stuff, sewing machine, ebay inventory and assorted junk that goes along with a home based business, and fluff and stuff. I adore my window which looks out at my bird feeders and the woods behind the house where assorted squirrels and a herd of deer abide. I tend to spend much time gazing out at the world.. I have my little television handy right beside me, my assorted music cd's and DVD's, and lots of clutter and junk that I cannot live without. I love, love, love my desk that we found at a moving sale last year. We got this wonderful, HEAVY, L-shaped wooden desk for a song and you should have seen me and the BF hauling it up two flights of stairs to squeeze it into this teeny little room. (I think the original owners designed this room, off the master bedroom, to serve as a nursery which it most certainly won't be used for my me!).
Anyway, this is my little spot in the world where I spend most of my time visiting you in YOUR world. Cluttered and fussy but ALL mine!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Summer Dreamin'

I am weird.

Once Christmas is past, I am ready for spring and summer.

I am done.

Winter needs to be over.

Of course, the worst is yet to come. Today is wet, dreary, not too cold.....but depressing.
So, I reminded myself of what is just down the road from our house.....many happy, carefree hours have been spent here. We take one of the boats out, pack a scrummy picnic lunch, and just "play" or drift, swim, float, or ride the tube.

I need this motivation to ward of the seasonal affect disorder I seem to be having with ever-increasing severity as I get older. I adore "cozy" but I need light, and lots of it, to function as a human. Otherwise, I am a grumpy old bear......