Monday, January 02, 2006

Summer Dreamin'

I am weird.

Once Christmas is past, I am ready for spring and summer.

I am done.

Winter needs to be over.

Of course, the worst is yet to come. Today is wet, dreary, not too cold.....but depressing.
So, I reminded myself of what is just down the road from our house.....many happy, carefree hours have been spent here. We take one of the boats out, pack a scrummy picnic lunch, and just "play" or drift, swim, float, or ride the tube.

I need this motivation to ward of the seasonal affect disorder I seem to be having with ever-increasing severity as I get older. I adore "cozy" but I need light, and lots of it, to function as a human. Otherwise, I am a grumpy old bear......


ms*robyn said...

oh forget summer ! we are having extreme heat here.. I so long for the cold

Perri said...

thanks for visiting my blog today. I am from KY too. Grew up in Sturgis, lived in Paducah, Murray and Grand Rivers at Ky Lake. I love it there. Come back anytime.

I must say - you DO decorate for Christmas!