Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wonderful Christmas!

Oh, I do hope all of you had a blessed holiday season! I know I did. While I am happy to be done with the prep and worry, I am sad it is over for another year. I still have my home decorated and may for a while...there is just no rush to put it all away. I am the world's worst procrastinator!
This is a pic of my sister (in red), my daughter, and me. This was Christmas Eve and we were having a great time taking pictures, eating her wonderful food, and just being together.

This is a picture of my sister putting finishing touches on her festive table, heavy laden with sliced ham, croissants, hot wings, assorted vegetables, cheese cubes, cheese balls, crackers, salsa and chips, cocktail weiners, crudite' with dip, grape studded pineapple with fruit slices and cream cheese fruit dip, pineapple pie, Red Velvet cake, candies, cookies, cranberry cocktail punch, and MORE! It was so delish!

I am back home now and my daughter returned to her condo today. She is off until college resumes the 14th or so, but she has New Year's Eve plans, her 21st birthday, and work. I am going to miss her!
She gave me the neatest gifts! She is a hostess at an upper class Italian restaurant and got me a scrummy bottle of Conundrum wine, a box of Godiva chocolate Truffles, and two of the sweetest little "Mom" books filled with delightful sayings and page after page of vintage photos....I am such a lucky Mom!
My Sweetheart gave me a long-wanted Sony digital camcorder and I have had such fun with it! It makes my old HUGE one look like a dinosaur!
Other than the l-o-n-g drive home and back, it was a good Christmas. I may be car shopping before long though.......I was lucky to make the 800 mile drive home without a break-down.....I think my transmission is going and the little car I have is not worth sinking a lot of money into. It is worn out....I was using it the day after we got back and it just stopped dead in the street while it was running. Luckily, I was not far from home and coaxed it into limping home where it sits - pathetic, tired, and forlorn......rather like its mistress, me. *sniff* It has served me well.......
All in all, it was a sweet, lovely time, I ate well (TOO much!), received thoughtful, tasteful gifts, spoiled everyone with my own gifts, enjoyed my family, sat with my sister, her family, my uncle, my daughter, and friends at my home church that I miss so much, and was granted safe travels, as was my daughter. What more could I want?

~*~Baby Girl!~*~

Here's wishing all a Happy New Year filled with special blessings!
Make a happy today!



novaks8 said...

Hey thanks for visiting my site.

I have only know two other people named Mary Helen.
One was a cousin of a friend and one was an older woman who lived next to us when we were first married.

My aunt is named Mary Lou and my grandmother is Helen Elizabeth.

The story is that my mom had a nice 60's name picked out for me but in the groggy after birth state one is in, she was asked what my name was to be.
She looked around the room and the first person she saw was my Great Aunt Mary Lou so she said Mary.
Then she saw her mom and said Helen.

I always hated my name growing up but now I treasure it because it means something.

My first 4 kids all have some sort of family name. The last two were just because.

Nice to meetcha!

Mrs. Darling said...

Happy New year to you! Love the pics!

ms*robyn said...

Hi Nan, good to see you back home - safe & sound. Wonderful photos - looks like you had a gorgeous table set at your sisters place. xox
hope 2006 is a wonderful year for you !

~Nancy~ said...

Thanks to all who have commented.
My sister lays a tasty spread...she made entirely too much food and I need to post some of her simple, yummy recipes. She cooks for and caters at our home church if that tells you anything. She reads cookbooks for pleasure and cooks "just because". On the other hand, I can cook pretty well but only do so because we must eat.
Please come again....I am going to try to be more diligent about posting. Happy blessings to all!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Thanks for coming by my blog, and leading me back here! Paris is calling you!! I love your clever introduction on your banner!!