Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Christmas is not where it should be in my house. My daughter is coming home tomorrow, we have only a couple of days here and must go shop while she is here, then we leave for a 13 hour trip home to Arkansas for family Christmas and then return here around the 27th. I have decorated, have bought food to prepare, but have not gotten the house as lovely and clean as I want.......partly because I won't be here and also due to dental appointments, car repairs, injured finger, work schedules, general laziness, a bit of melancholy nostalgia, etc. (Can I be totally, insanely honest and tell you I have YET to wrap a gift?! I may drop in the dollar store tomorrow and buy all the gift bags they have left and pop everything in a bag and tissue and call it done! Most have to be carried in a car trunk anyway and are going to smushed up by the time they are opened.)

Just as I was feeling frazzled and weary and under pressure to have SOMETHING home baked for my daughter's arrival in a few hours, my BF walks into the kitchen where I am toiling away at the ungodly hour of 2:00 a.m., takes a deep smell, tells me the house smells wonderful, and that I am adorable.

I was in my jammies, hair was sticking out of a crooked ponytail, and flour on the end of my nose..........the man must love me.


ms*robyn said...

we all seem to be frazzled this year. something must be telling us to slow down & that the important things matter - next year let's all make it simple - the whole year, not just Christmas.
Put a pot of cider on the stove, cinnamon sticks & cloves, maybe a slice of orange or two...simmer away - smells delish for when your daughter walks in

~Nancy~ said...

I am frazzled because I did not plan or prepare well....I kept "putting off". I am usually organized but this year, I just had a bad case of "eh.....tomorrow".
I did go to buy gift bags. I cracked myself up in the store....I am NOT racist, by any stretch - I am Irish American and my BF is Chinese, but I just could not bring myself to present my family's gifts in the large bags I need with pictures of black Santas on them. They were the only ones left. I do not mean that make me sound hard or hateful or snobbish......it just did not look "right" to my Christmas eye, just as I am sure white Santas do not look "right" to my African American friends. I am sure my brother in law would have loved it and so would my nephew but I stopped giggling (I have gotten more than a little simple in this last minute rush), played it safe and bought some large birthday bags. Seems appropriate somehow.......after all, it IS a birthday celebration.
I am going to have a very large egg nog tonight, heavy on the "nog".