Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Baby Girl and WORK!

My Baby Girl is coming home tomorrow - for 6 days! 1000 yippees! I do miss that little nut case, drama queen. She is a rising senior at Emory University in Atlanta......yikes! Where have the last three years gone?!
We plan to hit all the best flea markets and tag sales while she is here.....she wants to add to her condo decor that I put in place for her in July and I need to add to my ever growing mountain of vintage inventory for ebay. I have NO WHERE to store what I have now but winter means slim pickings so I am buying tremendous amounts of treasures to share while I can.....come take a peek, ebay name is nancourt and I have a store with over 200 items right now! More to come....stay tuned!
Will try to get back in the habit of blogging, not just reading others' and working on ebay ALL the time.....I just seem to have NO ~me~ time! That is not a good thing!
Okay, gotta' run....must prepare for the daughter's arrival. I am on cloud nine!
Does everyone get so simple silly over their children? I have always been this way.....