Tuesday, October 10, 2006


It seems my blog posts are not showing up for some reason. I know this must be true as Corey was kind enough to write me and tell me all she could see is my header and sidebar....however, "I" Can see all of it.

I checked my stats and see that all visitors today have 0:00 stays ....so they must not be seeing my posts either. I am not a blogging expert and the "help" section is sorely lacking.

Sooooo.....I may just be floating out there in virtual space with no life line.


(of course, this is a futile cry if no one can see me......) :-( *sniff*


Peggy said...

I am only seeing the right side of your posts. The left side is cut off. Don't know what is causing that.

novaks8 said...

when you click on this individual post, all is well.
So that means that something in one of the earlier posts is moving the stuff around.

I will look and see what it may be...

novaks8 said...

Looks like the little dividers you put between things is causing it.

anything that extends out too far will do it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ those doohickeys


Go back and edit the posts and reduce the number of them or take them out and see if that works.

~Nancy~ said...

Oh, you are a such a sweetie to look at this for me! It is so hard to fix what does not look broken from this end.
I did the edit you suggested....hopefully that corrected the issue.
Again, thank you. I was so frustrated plus DSL was out all night and I couldn't even think about it.

Hope it worked!!

Jerri said...

I see it all clearly now.

(Oh, if only that were true, Nancy.)

But I do see all the posts clearly. Blessings to you as you struggle through these things. Take good care of yourself, please. You're important to this world.


~Nancy~ said...

Dear, Sweet Jerri....Thank you!

I do have the best blogger friends!

You all are so important to me and your friendship is precious. You are better friends virtually than I have in reality....how sad is that?!

Thank you, Girl Friend.....go write something wonderful and delicious!