Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Of the Devil.......

......that's what machines are.

I have had blog issues today. Thanks to novaks8~firelfies and frogs~ for setting me on a corrective course.
I hope I have it fixed (can't know for sure since it looked fine to me anyway). THANK YOU!

But.......the biggest headache was that DSL was out Tuesday day and night. Of course, that meant NO work and I have SO much to do! I am getting ready to list lots of sweet vintage Christmas items and, well, I got an unexpected respite but of course, that means I just have to work twice as hard in the next day or so.

Anyway......not feeling very insightful or funny or anything except tired and frustrated and aggravated.......did not help me *one little bit* the Feller was *testy* when I called him out of desperation and he more or less called me a "Drama Queen".

Huney, I CAN show you some drama!!!

Ah........methinks I just need to go to bed. :-)


novaks8 said...

The posts are all showing up now but they are still bumped down to the bottom while the sidebar remains at the top.

That just means that there is still something that is sticking out too far.

Eventually with more new posts it will correct itself or you can go back and trim some more of those "~~~~~"s away.

Blogger templates are very sensitive to anything poking out and for some reason ~~~~ or ***** or ----- will mess it up pretty easily.

Good luck!

~Nancy~ said...

Thank you SO much!
I will be more careful in the future....can't have anything "poking" out. LOL...some how that conjures an image......can you tell I have not slept but about 3 hours?!

Again, thank you. You are THE BEST!

Peggy said...

Mary is the greatest when it comes to templates! everything looks fine today

~Nancy~ said...

Thank YOU, Peggy! If I had not posted on your blog and had her read it, I would still be drifting about, all out of whack. Of course, that is some what normal for me, LOL.
She's a whiz kid, for sure!
{HUGS} to all you sweet blog pals!!