Thursday, January 18, 2007

~Thursday Thirteen~

Thirteen Things about ME!

I have been seeing these for a while.....
Here is all it's wondrous glory.......or whatever.

1. This is a Virginal Thursday Thirteen, as in, "My First Time!". Please be gentle....

2. Happy Birthday today to My Feller! *muhwahh!* Wish we could be together but ya' know I have your present *right here* when you come home next month. *wink-wink*

3. A week ago was also my Baby Girl's 22nd birthday and I was a bad-mommy and did not recognize it here. So, here ya' go, Sweet Baby....~*~HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHICKIE!~*~ I love you to pieces!

4. I am astrologically challenged by having the two closest people in the world to me being Capricorns. Tell me, have you ever met anyone as moody as a Cappy goat can be?! *jeez*

5. House hunting via the internet sucks.

6. House hunting via the internet for the second time in three years sucks bigger.

7. House hunting via the internet when you already KNOW which house you wants sucks the biggest of all.

8. Obviously, I have a "sucks" fetish......

9. It has finally turned winter time here.......and now it can leave, thank you.

10. I need to lose weight.

11. The only way I am going to shed this 20 pounds is to cut a fat leg off or sumthin'.

12. That would suck......

13. OMG, I actually made it to 13! If you are still here, you don't suck. ;-D

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Chris said...

Hey, great virgin list! I'm with ya' on winter. I need it to go. NOW.

Anonymous said...

Uhmm... LOL... :-)
Good one that! Made me smile!
Happy TT,

Debbie said...

Great list - and I'm glad I don't suck. :)

courtney said...

finally. some recognition. :P jk jk jk
xoxoxo loves

~Nancy~ said...

Busted by the Baby Girl......
Jeez, I give you gifts, send you money, leave you voicemail, talk to you.....
Ya' want a BILL BOARD?!
JK back at ya'......I really meant to make a post thingie....I got side tracked with J heading back to NC....I know, excuses, excuses...sorry but I tried to make it right. *ppbbtt* <-razzberry