Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Accidental Contest

I love to read blogs...most are mommy blogs and while I AM a mommy, I am not a NEW mommy or a young mommy......however, I can recall with vivid detail what transpired in the process of making me an old mommy.

It was a small recounting of pregnancy stories or "The Hall of Horrors aka The Delivery Room" comment thingie that found me in the midst of my very FIRST blogging contest and I am just "honored to have been nominated". No, really....truly....I mean it!
I tend to be a wanderer...I wander from one blog to another, leave a comment or two...don't get involved in swaps or stuff because I am afraid of letting someone down when I get too busy to be a good playmate.
So, this has just tickled the heck out of me.

Go HERE to read the good stuff and vote if it suits you. There are some ding-dang doozies there!
(And I am number 13, you know? Just in case you wondered or whatever.....)

Thanks to Lindsey, the coolest mom ever......the one who makes me snort into my cornflakes on a regular basis.


elasticwaistbandlady said...

I never knew that my long lost twin lived in Kentucky. Sweet. irreverent spirits unite!

I'll always fondly remember my days of youth passing through Caintuck and stopping at every Stuckey's in sight to use the bathroom and buy yet another pecan log.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Congrats! You won! E-mail me at so that I can send you your winning blog button and pass on your e-mail address to our "sponsors."