Monday, January 15, 2007

These boots are made for walking...

....or at least for making me smile.

Yessir-ee, sir. I gots me some RED boots.

Sometimes on a dark, dreary, rainy winter day, when the whole world just feels "wet-blehh"....ya' get an itch that begs to be scratched.

So.....I hit my favorite Thrift Store..."just looking", ya' know?

But wait, I hear my name...very faintly being whispered and then getting more insistent and louder as I tried to ignore the obvious.
But noooooo! It was not to be denied!

Sitting there amidst all the sad, worn grandma' sensible shoes, the stinky athletic shoes (WHO would put their feet in those?!), the out of season flip flops and sandals, the too-gothic-for-me chunky black and silver chained combat boots....sat THESE!!

Bless my heart, they make me want to go boot scootin', cowboy chasin', and watch out....maybe even a bit of butt kickin'!

But seriously.....I know they are so rock-a-billy tacky but they were TOO tempting to pass up for $2.00! They don't even have trying-on scuffs on the soles and they ARE 100% leather. They have to be real cowgirl boots 'cause they even have a cactus imprint on the soles! How cool is that?
I know my daughter will either hate them or think they are bitchin'.....but regardless, I am going to wear them.....even if it is just strutting around my bedroom, tipping my old straw cowboy hat, listening to some Hank Jr., and pretending I am a "Cowboys' Sweetheart"!

And today.........these red boots made me smile.


Anonymous said...

Well, honey, let me tell you that I just LOVE those red boots--and if I could ever find a pair that I could get my feet into (really high instep), I would get a pair too---but don't 'hide your light under a bushel basket', get out there and strut!! ROFL

courtney said...

best. boots. ever.
xoxoxo loves

~Nancy~ said...

A stamp of approval!
She likes them...she really likes them!

(and will probably steal them from me when she visits)

Thanks, Baby Girl....I raised you right. ;-)