Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WFMW-Saving/Recycling FREE Water

We live in a split level home with the den/family room, laundry room, guest suite, utility room, and an extra bathroom downstairs. There are no windows.
No matter what season or temperature, the lower level always feels "chilled". It is not damp but it feels clammy.
We started running a low level dehumidifier on a 6 hour on/off cycle. It is a 50 pint model and the tank fills about every other day. It shuts off when the reservoir is full.
I use this "free" water for household chores and watering plants. It is just moisture drawn from the air and it is wasteful to pour it out. My home feels more comfortable and I get gallons of "free" water every other day!
While we do not live in an area as severely affected by water shortage as some parts of the country, it is still an effective way to control our household environment and conserve water in one fell swoop.
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