Wednesday, March 05, 2008

San Francisco - Day Two

We had crashed really early the night before so were up bright and early for breakfast downstairs, compliments of the hotel.
This was the view from our room...

We then struck out for a brisk walk to the wharf. Along the way, we snapped a few pictures of this little corner park with great old gnarly trees. I love old gnarly trees...there are several pics of them on this trip. :0)

We made our way to the waterfront and saw several of these pretty flower gardens. These were a treat to me since we are still in the grips of barren winter weather here.

More sightseeing and views of the cityscape, harbor and bay:

We wandered over to Pier 39 and watched the silly sea lions. We were told the males migrated into the harbor after the 1989 earthquake and just sort of homesteaded it. They are free to leave but it seems they prefer lolling about the boys' club, arguing, eating, sleeping and scratching various body parts. Typical males. ;0)

I LOVE those crabs! (even the foofed up ones!)

Cable car...a fake one. The real deal came later.

We wandered by Boudin Bakery. Man, oh man! They vent the ovens to the sidewalk so the air is filled with the aroma of fresh baked sour dough bread! TORTURE!
We did go back the last day for a tour of the bakery but it was closed for a private event. Oh well, I did buy a French loaf to bring home and it was a tasty snack on the airplane flight home. ;0)

Next, we went to the Aquarium of the Bay. It is a neat aquarium with different levels and one of the levels is a tunnel you walk through which is a pathway through a giant aquarium. Very neat to walk underneath the large native water life. We saw sharks, starfish, assorted fishes, stingrays, and some stuff I had never seen before. Very cool!

I always think stingrays look like they are smiling. They make me happy.

I got to touch one in the "touch pools". Soooo soft!

I also got to touch a shark. He didn't even move. (I also need to look at this picture every time I think about eating more chowder or sour dough bread!) Yikes!!

After the aquarium, we moved onto a Bay Cruise. It was briskly cold and I was thankful I had brought my coat. But the views were awesome and we enjoyed our voyage from the top level of the boat. We got to see Alcatraz, Angel Island, the Bay Bridge, and the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a nice, relaxing trip with colorful narratives provided.

Are you tired yet? 'Cause we aren't done yet. Oh no! The best is yet to come! (We cram a LOT into a day!)
After the cruise, we scooted back to the hotel for a quick freshen up and headed back out to catch the Muni across town. We were going to the Golden Gate Bridge!
But, before we started out, I had to stop and get some snuzzle love from "Refrigerator". He was such a sweet old horse, even if he bit my hand a little, looking for a snack. The Feller waited on me since he knows how much I look for a pet snuggle anywhere we go. I couldn't touch the velvet snouts of the sea lions so that big ol' horse filled in.

After a long bus ride, we got to the GGB. What a beautiful structure! I equate its popularity with the Eiffel Tower. And now I can say I have been on both.
We started out and planned to walk across it. About halfway, I wasn't so sure I would make it. I did not want to disappoint the Feller but he offered to turn back. I just couldn't stand it and kept saying, "Just a bit farther". Well, we walked all the way across! It is about 4,200 feet long. And then we walked back across. I rubbed blisters on both little toes and my legs and feet were screaming...but I made it!
Mercy me, I made it! It was beginning to get dusk dark when we completed our journey and the bus was a welcome sight! I knew I would get to sit down for a while.

Here are a few pictures made from our trek across and back:

When we left the GGB, we rode down to Chinatown. More walking! And I was starving by then. However, along the way, we passed several lovely antique stores. I just couldn't resist taking a few pics of some of the treasures on display. Magnificent!
I would have loved to browse and shop, but *sigh*, I was exhausted and hungry!

Just a note...all of those horses are carved from jade and it was one piece! I have no idea the cost, but it was amazing!

One last shot...we ate at P & G, a really nice Chinese restaurant. I didn't get any pictures of the meal.
I can barely remember eating it.

And yeah, we went straight back to the hotel and crashed.

Day Three is next. I had actually survived Day Two.

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Whew! I'm exhausted! Great pictures - those sea lions seem like such characters.