Monday, March 24, 2008

Ah, Skybus!

I love you....I hate you.

The good news is we enjoyed our $20.00 airfares to San Francisco last month. You were cramped and rude but efficient.

So, we have you planned for our trip to New York and Canada next month. I am ready. I kept in mind the best and worst you have to offer and I have my suitcase and carry on set aside so I can be a good customer. I add to them and take away so I can stay within your guidelines and still have enough essentials to be warm and comfortable.

And then you cancel the route to New York...along with our $10.00 fares.

Ah Skybus, I loathe you!

The only redeeming factor is that we can actually drive to New York (468 miles) in almost the same time it would take us to drive to Columbus, Ohio, wait, and then fly and rent a car.

We are STILL going to see Niagara Falls and Toronto - except I will be able to take as many clothes as I want, I will be able to eat and drink on the trip, and I won't have to hide from the rude flight attendants if I decide to snack on some crackers. get what you pay for.

(Oh yeah. I also get to take Blue Pillow this time.
Blue Pillow is my little soft, squishy pillow that I have slept with for years and the trip to Calif. was one of the few times it had to stay home. It WILL go to New York!)

P.S. I WILL get the last post from SF up soon. I have to or else I am going to be looking at the Niagara recap as well!

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