Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Stuff and Nonsense

I have been seeing these all over blog land and since my brain cannot think of anything original to write about, here ya' go:

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Random Useless Tidbits About Me:

1. Storms. Yes, we need the rain. No, we do NOT need them in the form of thunderstorms.

2. Storms. Every day....for the past week and a half.

3. I almost got struck by lightning this time last week.

4. It lit up my porch, stood my hair straight up, rang my ears, left me feeling like I was chewing on aluminum foil, knocked me back on my butt into the foyer, and wiped me out for two days. I was not even outside...I was standing in the front doorway, under the porch.

5. Storms....keep me from walking.

6. Walking...which I don't feel like doing anyway since the storms also make my fibromyalgia kick my butt....and my back...and my shoulders....and lots of other places. :-(

7.My yard looks happy thanks to the green and happy and alive.

8. My yard will need mowing again in a few days....thanks to the rain.

9. I miss my daughter and my Feller.

10. Feller will be home the second week of August. YAY!

11. It will only be for a few days. Boo.

12. We've almost made it a year on his contract out of state. Yay!

13. We have another year to go. boo.

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