Monday, July 16, 2007

I am finally back! This is a copy of my ebay newsletter...

WOW! The middle of July already?! The summer is zipping right along. I hope you have had or will have a lovely vacation break. I recently returned from a fantabulous beach vacation (muchly needed!!)and can still smell the salt air, hear the lap of the waves....and feel the sand! Sand has a way of following you home, perhaps to remind you of the lovely time you had. :-)

What can I say? I am simply OVERFLOWING with cottage treasures here! I have been buying like mad and at the same time, have been enjoying summertime. As a result, my home now looks like your favorite flea market and I HAVE GOT to get in gear! expecting oodles and tons of goodies! Please help me find my floor and couch and bed and cabinets again, okay? I am not kidding you....I can barely walk through my own house and I NEED to share it with you all.

I currently have lots of afghans listed. I love crochet but can't do it so I tend to buy every yummy 'ghan I find. Grab yourself one now and be ready for the first crisp days of autumn that will be here before you know it.

I will be listing lots of aprons, linens, hankies, and assorted vintage decor....don't miss out! Most auctions start and end on Sundays but due to my over whelming shopping this summer, I am going to start some weekly postings as well to clear out some space. I am drowning in pretties here!

With that said, I am getting back to work. After all, it is Monday and I have to go shop Thursday through Sunday. That means I have to crank Monday through Wednesday! :~)

Until later, go look, go shop, let me know what you are looking for, and have a truly blessed day!

All the best, Nancy

p.s. I am, without a doubt, the world's worst blogger! I cannot go a day without reading all of my favorite blogs but I rarely make a new post. Why is that? Am I just lazy or don't feel worthy? I want to blog...but I don't.
I am going to try to do better. If ANYONE is reading this, please grunt or wave so I will know I have not been lost in the barren wasteland of slacker bloggers. And yes, this post is a cheater...I merely pasted my recent ebay newsletter...but it IS a start / re-start, no?


mollflanders said...

Jeez, Nancy, it's about time. The world needs more scatalogical humor and trivia.

~Nancy~ said...

Um, yeah, thanks.
Not sure who you are but get a life. You left three comments that were all snarky.
And you are not using an active link.
So what are YOU hiding?

~Nancy~ said...

Y'all want to hear a funny?

My snarky lurker, mollflanders, tiredofitall, jean, elegant lady, *whomever*, is obsessed with me. You know, the one who posts ugly anonymous remarks and never explains why? The one whose IP and location matches the same info on Alison's site? Yeah, we compared.

I check my site meter and their location and IP shows up ALL THE TIME...middle of the day, middle of the night....all hours, EVERY day!

What do you find so fascinating about me? What is your problem?
I hid the post I made about you since I think it is attention you need and crave. Also, it was bringing down my ambience here and I don't like being an enabler....but seriously, do you just have a freaky crush on me or what? I mean, you are here more than anyone. There just ain't that much here to look at. I am the first to admit that. really do need to find a hobby...a DIFFERENT one - a NORMAL one!

I wish there was a way to block certain IP's. I would SO do it!

If you ever feel the need to apologize or come clean, feel free. Until then, please go lurk else where. You give me the creeps.
*I can SEE you....*