Tuesday, March 20, 2007

~*~Happy Spring!~*~

Happy First Day of Spring!

Yeah, I am a bit excited.....hopefully last Saturday's snow was the last of the season.

I am ready for some warmth and sunshine...so in honor of the day and in celebration of the shedding of 14 pounds of coats, sweaters, and thermals, I give you this offering:

Yup, it is balanced on its round bottom.
I do this every year.
I'm weird like that. Wink


courtney said...

'bout time you came back down to earth and posted something! :o)

~Nancy~ said...


Momma's been busy and not too inspired.

Funny that it took a balancing egg to get my bloggy on.

I love and miss you......study. hard.

Barb said...

Hi Nancy,

I'm stopping by to thank you for the lovely comment you left at A Chelsea Morning yesterday. It always amazes me anyone reads those long Sunday posts I do.

That's pretty tricky looking, that egg. I wonder how many I'd break trying to do that.

It's nice to meet you!