Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lessons Learned

Copied this from a random email and it just echoed some of my own thoughts.....

"I have learned that the best time to know yourself is when you're faced with a great trial...when you choose to stand tall, keep going and take your trial as just a situation and nothing more.

I have learned that the most painful thing that can happen to you is to be betrayed (or rejected) by someone you trusted most... yet the sweetest feeling is to know that you can accept it, can forgive it and can live through it. Even more keep hoping and start working at your next steps as if nothing painful really happened. (this one is the hardest for me...being hurt or rebuffed is a sting that takes a while to fade)

I have learned that no one else is capable or responsible of making me happy. I have to help myself by planning how to achieve my dreams and work at it one day at a time and not lose my vision.

I have learned that NO may just be the right answer. The world will not crumble if I say NO to someone's wish that will take the time that I do not have or resources that I can not give. Learning the power to say, "No" or, "Not today," or "Sorry, I can't, I am busy," gives me the chance to focus on what really matters to me and avoid people who are unnecessarily dependent on me."

Hope you all are having a glorious spring day and that all of your lessons will be easy ones.

This is my sweet fuzzy cat, Koko, enjoying cat t.v. - that cat knows how to appreciate a nice view. :0)


Francie M. said...

Lots of wisdom in those words...and you know what? Someone telling you "No" isn't the end of the world either. Once I figured that out I was happier too.

delightful-d said...

Thank you for the wonderful post.

"accept it, forgive it, and can live throught it"

What great words of wisdom.... I have some post-it notes I clip on the side of the computer that I see every day. Those words will be posted forever!

I feel as I am getting older, (approaching 40) I am learning a lot more about myself. I am ok with me! I no longer can worry about everyone else (with the exception of family) - I have to do what makes me happy! And yes, saying NO isn't going to hurt anything. I am ok with that too!

Thanks again for the great post!

Gypsy Purple said...

Great post...glad I found your blog!!

Rosa said...

What a beautiful cat! I love orange kitties!

mollflanders said...

Jeez, so when are you going to actually start applying it?

~Nancy~ said...

mollflanders, did someone piss in your cornfalkes today?

mollflanders said...
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