Thursday, July 14, 2005

i need to be two of me

Do you ever wish you could clone yourself? I know the world couldn't handle more than one of me but I could sure use the help.
Yesterday was a working day. It was raining, thanks to the hurricane finally entering the Ohio Valley. It was a good rain....slow and steady, no storms and no heavy downpours. My yard needed it. The grass is getting crunchy.
In spite of the rain, I cleaned out the barn/potting/gardening shed. It was rather a mess and I put it in order, threw out old potting pots and flats and put up some shelving. Then, I tackled that hell-hole garage! Arghh......we have TOO MUCH junk!! Needless to say, a two car garage is not enough for two cars, two ski boats, a fishing boat, and the 100+ computers and tons of computer bits and pieces stored in there. At one point, I think I counted at least four or more flat scanners. Why? Why do we have all this stuff and what will we ever do with it?? But, it is J's hobby so I tolerate.....
We both worked really hard and moved a lot of stuff out to the newly straightened IT is now almost full. Hopefully, I can still find my gardening stuff when I need it.
We treated ourselves to meeting Dr. Joe and Janet at Applebee's for dinner and drinks. It was a nice, relaxed evening and I got to know Janet a bit better. She is also an RN so it was nice to have a comrad to chat with. Then, we went to see Dr. Joe's new house now that he is pretty much settled in. It looks a lot better than when I was there a week or so ago and the moving vans had just arrived. It is the three fireplaces!!
Had a fun, chatty sit in the lower level den and enjoyed a toddy of Hot Damn! and of course, I rattled on wayyyyy too much but I was called "fun and entertaining" so hopefully I didn't bore them too badly. My stories about New Year's Eve on Times Square '99, New Orleans 2000 and the flight fiasco of '99 had them rolling.....I love an audience.....who'd a thunk?
Came home, J crashed since he is working today and I putzed a bit and read Naomi's book till I finally got sleepy. It is a good is weird to read about streets and such in the same place I live.
Today, I have been a bum. I took another load of donations to Goodwill then bought more than I gave away, stopped by the Salvation Army and found some treasures. Amazing the stuff folks throw out or give away. I found an antique Marcie doll in great shape for 39 cents! She will be on ebay soon....I have quite a stash ready to shoot and post. I am just so summer-busy right now, it is hard to think about ebaying.
I need to go to the District office and put in my application to substitute teach this fall. I am not going back into medicine any time soon. I love caring for my patients but I also love being off with J and having this summer off has sure spoiled me. I only want to work a couple of days a week to keep some cash in my account so subbing will be good. I love being around kids too....sure miss that from my days as school nurse.
The rest of today, I have just piddled in the house and done some laundry. I got some beautiful cabbage rose border at the super duper "Wow, it's a dollar!" is self stick. Best thing ever!! No glue...just roll it out, rub it on the wall and Viola! Border!! Plus, it just peels right glue, steaming, stripping, etc. GREAT stuff! It sure prettied up my laundry room. It is all sweet and girly now and much nicer to work in.
I miss my child.............

Saw a gal walking across the street today and when I looked in my rear view mirror, she looked like Court. Made my heart ache...I need to go to Atlanta.
She is working a lot at her hostess job at La Travola, has started Philosophy class and is busy as can be. I know I would be a distraction if I go right now.....
Maybe soon.
I need to go see my sister too. I have not spent any time with her since Momma died in February and I need a family fix. It gets mighty lonesome up here in these hills even though I stay so busy and love doing what I do. J and I enjoy our time together and we share a lot of interests but I need some girl talk. I need to plan this trip.......I need some southern time.

Not a lot else today. Need to go finish chores and maybe treat myself to an afternoon coffee and reading. Or a nap. A nap would do nicely.....

Find your happy deserve it.

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