Friday, November 10, 2006

Where've You Been?

create your own visited states map

Here's a fun little linkie thingie....just select each state you've been to and get a cool little map with your states in red (I would have preferred pink, thank you) this.

I think I need to branch out a bit.....I seem to have been avoiding the west coast...and the ones at the top. Bottom heavy, just like me.

I also seem to favor the southern states.......which makes sense - since I AM a "GRITS".
{Girl Raised In The South}

create your own visited countries map

Here's one for visited countries. Sadly, my passport has not seen that much action.

No, I have not updated in several days and no, I do not have anything profound to offer.
Some days, I simply cannot do more than read others' blogs and wonder how and where they find the time and inspiration to post such entertaining and insightful posts.
I have a lot of utterly delightful thoughts and stories and poems and monologues skittering through my brain......but putting them into written word is just so much work...
I think it is because I spend SO much time entering written words for "WORK"....that nasty four letter word.
Yes, I am the hardest boss I have ever worked for. Ever.

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