Friday, January 18, 2008

Rockin' giveaway!

Wow, hop on over to Design Moms and check out the awesome giveaway from them and Best Buy!
Who wouldn't LOVE an Insignia Bluetooth MP3 Player?!
I have a small player but no video, and limited storage. THIS ONE would be SO sweet!

Hurry, go check them out, create your link, leave a comment - but remember, I plan to win it. 'K? :0)

(p.s. I know, I KNOW, I NEVER update my blog! I can't seem to get in the habit but I am going to work on it. So, if you are one of the maybe TWO people who have ever read this, please leave a comment. Otherwise, I am just talking to myself and goodness knows, I do enough of THAT in real life! Kthanx!)


Anonymous said...

What a cool giveaway! Thanks for telling us about it. So glad to see you talking - I was worried you'd fallen off the blogging planet. LOL

Aunt_Nette said...

Found you!