Wednesday, August 01, 2007

WFMW - Give them Wings and Roots

My WFMW parenting tip comes from a seasoned, empty nester, single mom of one. While I may not be the most "with it" or up to date mom, I like to think I did all right.
I raised my daughter almost by myself. Even when her dad was around, he "wasn't". She is now a scholarshipped senior English major at Emory University in Atlanta with a great job, a great internship, and a greater job offer on the board!

I had a few firm guidelines that helped me survive and thrive:

1. Love God and teach your child to as well.

2. Never miss a chance to prove the power of prayer.

3. Love your child enough to let them hate times.

4. Exert more pressure than peers do. It is hard but you have to fight harder for a toe hold.

5. Do not try to be your kids best friend. THAT is what peers are for.

6. Befriend their friends. A kid at home is one you can keep an eye on.

7. Don't be afraid to make and enforce home rules.

8. Be consistent and fair.

9. Remember that grounding a kid is really more punishment for YOU. You have to stick close by to make sure they stay grounded!

10. Teach by example, whether it is working hard toward a goal, laughing hard at a joke, falling hard to your knees in prayer, or just keeping silent with yourself.

11. Laugh at yourself FIRST so your kids learn that it is okay and is easier than being laughed AT.

12. Don't give them ALL they WANT, do give them what they NEED, and the extras will be appreciated MORE.

13. Say you are sorry. If you make a mistake, teach them humility by apologizing.

14. Set goals as individuals and as a family, no matter if you are a family of two.

15. Celebrate successes, learn from failures, cling to values and morals, and forgive mistakes.

16. Teach them that "doing your best" is better than "being the best".

17. Expect bumps and rocky roads at times. It makes the smooth rides more precious.

18. Laugh - have fun. Laugh even when you are crying. It is hard to be and feel miserable with the corners of your mouth turned up.

19. Practice compassion. Giving of time and talents costs nothing.

20. Stay in touch! When your little ones fly the coop, you will treasure the daily notes, calls, or messages that keep you connected. If it is already a "habit", it won't become a burden or intrusion.

21. Enjoy them!! Now, today, every day! I cannot say that one enough. Enjoy your children. They fly away too soon on wings you help them grow. Make sure they have deep roots today.

I look at that child of mine and see cells of my cells, heart of my heart and I feel awe and amazement. I am SO blessed!

~God never loved me in a sweeter way than when He brought thee to me and said, "Behold, your daughter."~

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ShabbyInTheCity said...

I love these and agree with them! I'll bet you did raise a fine daughter :)